A Day in the life of…

AG - A Day In The Life Of

About the dawning of the day, Sally rises to great the beautiful sunrise that is streaming through her window. The rays of the sun are warming her room and as she steps out onto her own personal patio looking out toward the beautiful back gardens, she takes a deep breath of the fresh San Gabriel mountain air. As she peacefully considers the day that lies ahead, she can’t help but smile about the day before when she had participated in the Senior Olympics. Sally had been practicing for the Olympics with Sister Stephanie for days and yesterday she finally went for the gold! And, seeing as she loves being with the other wonderful Avila residents, this made it all the more fun and enjoyable.

Sally readies herself with joy to approach the delicious breakfast that awaits her in the lovely Gardens dining room. Breakfast is served from 6:45-9:00am. After a delicious breakfast of her choice, she longs for the great outdoors and takes a morning stroll with Dorothy around the lovely neighborhood and right into Encanto Park, which is just around the corner. After her walk, it is almost time for daily Mass at 9:30 am. She loves to pray a little before Mass in the beautiful chapel adorned with exquisite windows depicting the life of St. Teresa of Avila. Could she ever have dreamed that she’d live in a place where a chapel with the Blessed Sacrament was a part of her home? And be able to go there often as she liked? She is filled with gratitude!

After Mass, she stays to pray the holy Rosary with so many lovely people who enjoy praying too! “Fun with the Nun” begins in just a few minutes and she walks around the corner to the library to find one of the Carmelite Sisters preparing a huge, fun crossword puzzle which hangs on the wall. The residents all file in to play together before lunch where they enjoy comradery and laughs. After the puzzle, they stroll down to the lovely Gardens Dining Room where a delicious lunch is served from 11:30 AM-1:00 PM. Sometimes she has to pinch herself because she feels like a queen! No longer needing to do the cooking and cleaning, she relishes the attentive and loving services offered by the wonderful Avila staff.

After lunch she returns to her room for a time to rest even though she has the option for exercise class or the afternoon matinee. She wants to be full of energy when her family arrives for the special dinner and cello concert in the dining room that evening. At 3 pm, she joins to pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy with the other residents and then chats with one of her friends in the parlor before getting ready for dinner.

Now adorned in her loveliest blouse and favorite jewelry, she joyfully arrives in the front lobby where she greets her son and daughter-in-law who have come to join in the special celebration of the Feast of St. Teresa of Avila. A great feeling of contentment surrounds her heart as she strolls with them into the dining room where the musicians are tuning their instruments and lovely classical melodies begin floating through the air. While enjoying the warm sounds of the cello, they all enjoy a delicious dinner lovingly prepared by the Carmelite Sisters and Avila Gardens staff.

At the end of the night, Sally says goodnight to her family and then makes a brief stop in the chapel to thank Jesus for the many blessings she has received from Him that day. Yes, life at Avila Gardens is truly a blessing from heaven for her. She can’t wait to see what tomorrow holds…