A Day In The Life Of

About the dawning of the day Sally rises to great the beautiful sunrise that is streaming through her window. The rays of the sun are warming her room and she takes a deep breath of the fresh San Gabriel mountain air. Sally readies herself with joy to approach the delicious breakfast that awaits her in the dining room. Breakfast is served from 6:45-9:00am. Then Sally longs for the great outdoors and takes a morning stroll around the lovely neighborhood and into the wonderful Encanto Park just around the corner. After her walk it is almost time for Mass and she loves to pray a little while before to prepare her heart to receive the Lord in the holy Eucharist. Mass is followed by the holy Rosary and she is able to enjoy the wonderful companionship of so many lovely people who enjoy praying too! “Fun with the Nun” begins in just a few minutes and she walks around the corner to the library to find one of the Carmelite sisters preparing a fun large crossword puzzle to play together before lunch. She enjoys the comradery and laughs with the other residents. Then the lunch meal is served from 11:30AM-1:00PM and Sally appreciates the fine home cooked meals that the wonderful staff prepares in the kitchen. After lunch she returns to her room for a time to rest even though she has the option for exercise class or the afternoon matinee. In the later afternoon she wants to pray the chaplet of the Divine Mercy with the other residents and then chat with one of her friends in the parlor before dinner. The feeling of comfort surrounds her heart as she strolls to have her evening meal served sometime between 4:30-6:00PM. The sun descends and illuminates the dining room with its evening warm rays and she knows that the “Son” of God has filled her day with His perfect peace. She is tremendously grateful for her life here at Avila Gardens….