Diamond Suite


775 sq. ft. one bedroom, living room, two baths, and two extra closets

The Diamond Suite is one of our largest home selections with a total of 775 square feet. It provides a full and spacious living room and dining room area with kitchenette, and glass doors leading to a private bedroom and bathroom. You will also enjoy the comfort of a guest bathroom and two additional closets for storage.

The Diamond Suite is available on both the first or second floor and provides great views of the San Gabriel Mountains or the San Gabriel River.

Our first floor Diamond Suites have French doors leading to two commodious patios, great for relaxation and/or meditation. The second floor Diamond Suites have French doors leading to two separate balconies where you can put your plants and/or decorations.

All of our Diamond Suites have a spacious bathroom equipped with a built in shower seat and a handy moveable and extendable showerhead for easy and convenient access. It is also furnished with an individual air conditioning and heating unit, which permits you to regulate temperature based on your preference. The Diamond Suite has elegant carpet, as well as stylish blackout curtains to promote better sleep. It also includes telephone, Internet, and cable television capabilities.