Avila Gardens Presents “Whodunit” Mystery Theater

Meet the characters and cast your vote!

On top of a hill sits an old four-story mansion where some interesting characters reside and things are not as they appear to be. Everyone is a suspect in this melodramatic presentation of “Death in the Dark”. Can you guess who the culprit is? We challenge you to solve this mystery but beware for the unexpected twist!

Scroll down to meet the suspects! Who do YOU think dunit?


The imperturbable long time butler of the family. He has seen and heard more than he should.


The gloomy housekeeper has lived with the family since she was 15 years old but now she is afraid of spending another minute in the old mansion.


A man with a strange profession called to complete a strange task. No one knows where he comes from or where he is going.

Uncle Eben

Holds the purse strings in the old mansion. He is disliked by many and liked by none.


Your typical loving and gentle grandmother – or is she?


The young and charming granddaughter who will inherit everything but only after everyone dies!


A young man courting the stunning Alice, but too poor to ever be “a part of the family”.


Solemn and handsome, but always has something to say and never knows when to stop.

The “Unknown” Character

A small, hairy, and haunting figure that could be a distant relative. Enters in and out of rooms without anyone ever noticing.