Benefits of Moving In

We are at your service to help you find peace of mind and make the best of your day!

Benefits of moving into Avila Gardens

Loving and Professional Service

At Avila Gardens we are “At the Service of the Family for Life” and our mission is to foster and cultivate a place where the dignity of each person is respected and appreciated. The Carmelite Sisters and staff provide the services our residents need in a way that protects privacy and promotes dignity.

Building Friendships and
Preventing Isolation

Studies show that seniors who live alone have a higher risk for social isolation and increased loneliness and depression. At Avila Gardens, our seniors live in a community environment where the Sisters and staff encourage building friendships as well as the participation in social events and diverse activities that fit everyone’s needs.

Safe Environment

We provide a safe and secure environment for our residents with 24-hour personnel, trained and ready to respond to emergency situations, as well as overnight security, which patrols internal and external premises of Avila Gardens. We are well-equipped to provide safety and peace of mind to our residents, a place that becomes home.

Freedom To Do What You Enjoy

Housework, yard work, and home maintenance will no longer be a source of concern. We offer a variety of amenities so that you have more time to do what you most enjoy!

Fine Dining

No more worrying about dishes or having time and energy to cook a meal. Our talented chefs are well trained to make delicious and healthy meals and our dining room assistants will ensure you have your needs met. Our dining room is also a great place to encourage social interaction and meet new friends.

Effortless Transportation

You do not have to worry about maintaining a car or traffic jams! We offer reliable local transportation to doctor appointments, local shopping, dining, hair dressers — you name it! We are here to help you get where you need to go at no extra cost.

Looking at the Future with Peace of Mind

Along with our independent living facility, the Carmelite Sisters also serve and operate an assisted living and skilled nursing facility two miles from Avila Gardens, allowing for peace of mind if a transition is needed. To learn more about these facilities, click here:

Come for a meal and experience for yourself the benefits of Avila Gardens Senior Living.

Our Mission

A beautiful residential home designed for active seniors and features a myriad of both activities and services.

At the service of family for life.

The premier Catholic independent living residence in the San Gabriel Valley.

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