This week the Christmas Season has prompted the annual decorating of Avila Gardens with the traditional sights and colors that we so much look forward to every year. On entering the front door and hallway we see the tall Christmas tree in front of an antique mirror, which reflects decorations of velvet angels amid large pale gold ribbon bows, with golden roses and burgundy poinsettias perched among its branches. Currently, the tree takes the place of our lovely St. Teresa of Avila statue, which stands on her pedestal on the opposite wall. Somehow I don’t think she minds for the time being.

Our other walls, shelves and tables in the public areas are adorned with garland swathes, crèches, wreathes and lots of tiny lights. Along with all this activity, you never know what the Sisters have planned for us. This week Sister Stephanie hosted an elegant Christmas Tea for the Avila residents. Sr. Noella made the many butter cookie treats. We love the Sisters and they love us.

May abiding hope be present in our hearts as we wait once again for the coming of the Christ Child. The days are filled with our normal activities, sometimes our challenges too, but our thoughts are also enhanced by the anticipation of Christmas, just as it was for Joseph and Mary contemplating the birth of Jesus on their journey to Bethlehem.

Pat McGuire – Avila Gardens Resident