“Did you know that caterpillars almost completely change their composition while they’re in the cocoon before they become a butterfly?” asked one the Sisters. “No,” I replied. “That’s amazing!” And it is true. The caterpillar releases enzymes that break its whole body down into liquid inside the cocoon. And from this liquid, amazingly, comes a butterfly!

So, as I walked through the beautiful back gardens here at Avila and I saw this exquisite butterfly, I couldn’t help but snap pictures as I pondered this incredible little miracle. This precious creature kept flying in circles all around me until I finally pleaded with it to hold still a moment so that I could capture its beauty with our camera – and it did! It landed on a budding flower just a few feet away and, to my great surprise, it let me get closer and closer until, finally, I was able to snap this photo above. What incredible beauty and new life before my eyes! And, of course, when you see something this beautiful, you cannot help but think of Uncreated Beauty Himself who brought such intricacy into being for our joy and delight.

The residents here at Avila Gardens soak in this uplifting and transforming beauty every single day. Whether they are out for a walk in the gardens or simply reclining on their patio, they are constantly meeting these beautiful loving touches with which their Heavenly Father so tenderly surrounds them. And just like the little caterpillar, they are refreshed, renewed and transformed!