It couldn’t have been a more beautiful day in sunny California and the residents of Duarte’s Avila Gardens rejoiced along with the jubilant cherry blossoms which blissfully graced the long elegant branches of those charming trees. Descanso Gardens was teeming with joyful families on Sunday, March 12th and the only thing thicker than the vibrant plants which are beautifully thriving, was the awe and visible delight of those peacefully perusing the gardens.  We joined right in with the rest of the guests in the amazement of God’s beautiful and varied creation.

Our day began with the holy sacrifice of the Mass at in the beautiful Avila Gardens’ Chapel, giving thanks to our Creator who we knew would bless us with innumerable gifts and surprises on our venture out to the gardens.

After Mass, we enjoyed a delicious brunch at a precious little restaurant in La Canada called The Dish filled with young families. It was an enriching experience to see our residents, so many of them grandparents themselves, delighting in the youth and beauty of the children surrounding us. This was also a wonderful time for us enjoy the day together.

Following our brunch, we drove over to Descanso Gardens where God sweetly treated us to enjoying His infinite creativity and charm in all the incredible flowers which bloomed around us! The cherry blossoms, however, stole the show with their delicate puffs in pink and white. Our residents and Sisters weaved in and out of various gardens and around every corner was new surprise…gorgeous tulips here, lovely dogwoods there; all were singing the praises of God and we joined in!

Lord. He is so good!

Happy and blessed Spring!