The sky at dawn this morning was spectacular. There were brilliant bands of deep red, purple, and gold, and shades of beautiful turquoise beside pale delicate blues. It was a definite “sailors take warning” kind of sky. We awaited the predicted rain later today.   On Sunday, February 12th, the Sisters celebrated the Feast Day of Venerable Mother Luisita, by preparing and serving a delicious lunch for the residents of Avila Gardens.

Mother Luisita is the Foundress of the Carmelite Sisters of the Most Sacred Heart of Los Angeles and her feast day is on February 11th, which is the day she entered into eternity. Mother’s interesting life story was portrayed by Sr. Maria Goretti and Bridget, a Carmelite Candidate. Thank you for such and a warm and inspiring get together.

And we watched that Super Bowl Game. Wasn’t that the best! I think I’ll become a better fan next year, I enjoyed it so much.

Have to go to Bible Study now.  Hi to everyone.

Pat – Avila Gardens’ Resident