Avila Gardens Presents “Whodunit” Mystery Theater

Play the video to find out!

Did you guess the right culprit? See below for the rest of the characters and voting results.
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Featherstone – 16 Votes

The imperturbable long time butler of the family. He has seen and heard more than he should.

Harriet – 8 Votes

The gloomy housekeeper has lived with the family since she was 15 years old but now she is afraid of spending another minute in the old mansion.

Jake – 10 Votes

A man with a strange profession called to complete a strange task. No one knows where he comes from or where he is going.

Uncle Eben – 15 Votes

Holds the purse strings in the old mansion. He is disliked by many and liked by none.

Grandma – 22 Votes

Your typical loving and gentle grandmother – or is she?

Alice – 22 Votes

The young and charming granddaughter who will inherit everything but only after everyone dies!

Malcolm – 11 Votes

A young man courting the stunning Alice, but too poor to ever be “a part of the family”.

Announcer – 7 Votes

Solemn and handsome, but always has something to say and never knows when to stop.

The “Unknown” Character – 16 Votes

A small, hairy, and haunting figure that could be a distant relative. Enters in and out of rooms without anyone ever noticing.