Come Visit Us! | Avila Gardens Open House

One of the best ways to learn more about Avila Gardens is to come and visit! We warmly welcome you and your family to our Open House events. These events are designed for prospective residents to come for a tour of our home and enjoy delicious snacks and refreshments. Our Open Houses are held every third Saturday of the month and are a wonderful opportunity to enjoy live entertainment and good company at Avila Gardens!

If you are interested in attending an Open House, please call 626-599-2214.

Upcoming Open House dates:

Below is a listing of future Open House dates. If you are interested in attending any of the events listed below, please call 626-599-2214.

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Open House Reflection

Below is a reflection written by a visitor who attended an Open House at Avila Gardens

Today my husband and I are visiting Avila Gardens, a lovely residence for active seniors. Approaching the building we are greeted by a large statue of the Sacred Heart with arms outstretched welcoming us to this home. Entering I see a gracious sister who shakes my hand giving me a sense of peace. She tells us about the home and guides us into the parlor area. Sister starts the tour putting first things first, and we proceed to the chapel.

In the chapel flowers adorn the tabernacle, and looking up I see enchanting stained glass windows. One scene depicts our Lord giving the Eucharist to St. Teresa of Avila, and the other windows are angels adoring Jesus. Three other windows laden with images of saints move me to bow my head in prayer before the tour continues.

Sister guides us into a spacious and home like suite. I sense that this would be just enough room for us. There are French doors looking out onto a beautiful courtyard with plush green sycamores and a fountain trickling in the center. The sound of the flowing water is very soothing. I really like the room and can almost visualize where my furniture could be. My husband seems pleased.

The dining room is our next destination. Upon entering we see a young woman playing a grand size harp. She elegantly strums and melodious sounds waft around the entire room. Looking outside through a wall of windows I see a vast mountain range with verdant bushes and trees. Surrounding us are purple jacarandas, and dozens of day lilies popping up like fire works along the perimeter. I notice white iris plants surrounding a circular green lawn perfectly trimmed. Several trees have pretty pink blossoms of dainty flowers, and there are birds flying from tree to tree.

The dining room is delightfully decorated, and mostly I notice the smiling faces of all visitors in the room. There are almost a dozen Carmelite sisters scattered around, and everyone seems to feel at home. We are invited to sit with some lovely people to enjoy a complementary lunch prepared by the expert cooking staff. Today the theme is A Taste of Italy! We are about to try a pasta dish called Carbonara with some antipasto sides, and dessert is tiramisu. It simply smells scrumptious and I look over at my husband who is starting to salivate! We rise and approach the buffet table and are greeted graciously by the residents and guests of the home.

It is a joy to hear this beautiful music and to be in this loving environment with so many happy people. For a moment I am struck with the presence of the Divine. God is truly present in this place. My husband and I are ready for a move. I look over to him and say, “What do you think?” He says, “I love it here.” We will be speaking with that gracious sister who met us at the front door.