Spiritual Enrichment

Carmel means a secret Garden where God dwells, and this is at the root of the name “Avila Gardens”. At Avila Gardens, we believe in the importance of each resident growing and developing a personal relationship with our Lord who loves us beyond our comprehension. Therefore, we strive to provide various spiritual enrichment opportunities and occasions.

Some of these spiritual enrichment opportunities include:

  • Access to Chapel: The chapel of Avila Gardens is a lovely dwelling place to encounter God. Here the Almighty dwells and is available to share conversation any time of the day, for as St. Teresa teaches us, “Prayer is conversation with Him whom we know loves us.”
  • Daily Mass: What makes Avila different is that we also offer the blessing of daily Mass in our beautiful chapel. Each day our residents have a chance to encounter the living God in a very intimate way, in their own home.
  • Reception of the Sacraments from on-site chaplain: Our on-site chaplain is available to administer the Sacraments and meet with residents as needed.

Although many of our spiritual enrichment activities are directed toward individuals who are Catholic, we warmly welcome all, whether or not they belong to the Catholic Church.